The Dornauf Story

A farming family with a passion for quality and the best food production methods in Tasmania. 

On the banks of the Tamar river, 30kms inland and 25kms north of Launceston, sits the village of Hillwood. A small collection of properties with a population of less than 400 that enjoy the idyllic surrounds and views across the water. The area is also home to small farms, growing apples, grapes for winemaking and more, all supported by fertile soil that lends itself to agriculture. It is here that the Dornauf farming story begins.



The Dornauf family has farmed in Meander Valley for three generations . Robin (pictured on right) grew up on his fathers dairy farm. Ian started his farm in 1964 and to this day, still produces quality milk for Tassie consumers.
Robin and his wife Karen had two boys, and brought them up in the same farming traditions that Robin knew. Working together, they followed Ian in producing high quality dairy products.


THE dairy

Meander Valley Dairy was established in 2003 and drew on all the experience that multi generational farming provides. Quickly becoming known for high quality production, including producing one of only two cultured butters in Australia, the brand has been sought after by top chefs from mainland Australia.

A farming visionary, Robin began to explore the possibility of growing berries in Hillwood, recognising the ideal growing conditions of the area and in 2015 sold the dairy to concentrate his efforts on the new farm.



the berries

In 2013 the first strawberry plants were planted.  

Now spanning 15 hectares of tabletop strawberries, 12 hectares of rasberries along with 4 hectares of blackberries and 2.5 hectares of blueberries, the Dornauf's are still expanding. Most of these berries are grown under contract with some of the biggest wholesalers in Australia and you'll find them on supermarket and deli shelves around the country.

When you come and visit the farm to pick-your-own, or to collect some farm fresh produce, you'll see the poly tarps that protect these precious berries stretch as far as you can see, a testament to the tenacity of this hard working Tasmanian farming family.  

stonesthrow, launceston

In 2015, the Dornaufs bought Stonesthrow café/restaurant in Norwood, Launceston. The Dornaufs commitment to high quality food has been embraced by the chefs who prepare the delicious meals.  Local ingredients, sourced from the farm, free-range meats and eggs, and dishes prepared in house are all key ingredients (pardon the pun). 

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