How to Pick Your Own

  • Start at the Hillwood Farmgate Cafe (105 Hillwood Road, Hillwood)
  • Collect a punnet (that's what we put berries into) from one of our friendly staff at the counter. You pay for what your berries weigh, so pick as little or as much as you like.
  • Collect as many strawberries that fit your punnet. If you want to pick berries other than strawberries, collect another punnet from the cafe for those.
  • We appreciate you keeping it fair. Part of the experience of berry picking is to have a berry straight off the vine, but please don't eat multiple berries or fill other containers otherwise you will forfeit anything you've collected.
  • Your filled punnet is yours to keep and when you are finished, come back to the cafe for something delicious and a browse around our farm fresh produce.


  • Entry is free to the cafe and for anyone wanting to watch the picking
  • Picking is $10 per kilo of strawberries
  • Have fun finding the biggest, ugliest or the rare double-header!

farm cafe

Picking juicy berries deserves a treat! Reward yourself with a stop at the cafe and have some delicious scones with berry jam (of course!), a tea or coffee or any of our other tasty treats. Non-pickers are just as welcome, so put your feet up and enjoy your surroundings.


more than just strawberries

Although we have a LOT of strawberries, we also have

  • Raspberries (due mid December)
  • Blackberries (coming soon)
  • Red Currants / Black Currants (call for availability)
  • Blueberries (due mid December)

Pricing for other berries is on a per kilo basis.