Common Denture Repairs

If you have missing teeth, dentures are a great option to restore your ability to eat, drink, speak and smile properly. But there are certain repairs you will need to carry out from time to time as a result of wear and tear. In this article, some of the most common repairs are discussed.

Make sure to select a reputed dental service repairing dentures Perth so that you can receive excellent service. One of the services they will provide is replacing a missing tooth or a chipped tooth on the denture. Chips can occur when you bit into hard food. Sometimes the tooth can become lost due to an impact.

You need to see a professional dental service when this happens. They will make sure the replacement tooth is identical to the others in the denture when it comes to size, colour and shape. This will help restore the original appearance and function of the denture and you will be able to eat and speak comfortably again. Sometimes you will need to add another tooth to the existing denture if a natural tooth next to the tooth is lost.

Sometimes you may need to extract the natural tooth due to tooth decay

But when there is no adjacent tooth, the denture will become loose. In this situation, the denture base can be adjusted or modified so that it allows an artificial tooth to be fixed. You can also attach a clasp. This way, you can improve the stability of the denture and make sure it fits comfortably inside the mouth. If you wear partial dentures, these are secured to the remaining natural teeth using clasps. And if there is high impact or damage, the clasps can break. This will reduce the stability of the denture and it will no longer fit comfortably inside your mouth. You can find it more difficult to eat with the denture. If you have experienced this, it is recommended to visit a dental service so that you can repair this immediately. Sometimes the clasp can be repaired or they will replace it to make sure that the fit is secure and comfortable.

You need to handle dentures carefully

If you were to drop the dentures accidentally, this can lead to it breaking or a fracture forming. And you will no longer be able to use the denture. You need to take the broken denture to a denture repair service so that they can bond the broken pieces together. This can be done with a special dental adhesive. Some repair services will use acrylic resins for this. Make sure you select a reputed dental service for this so that you can ensure a seamless repair that will not weaken the integrity of the denture. There are situations where the damage is too extensive to repair the denture. They will let you know of this and take steps to fabricate a new denture. It is not recommended to repair dentures at home as temporary fixes can cause further damage.