Easy Recipes for Gluten Free Oats

For those who have gluten intolerance, gluten free oats are a great alternative to get the daily fibre you need while avoiding those common gluten rich grains. Gluten free oats can be enjoyed as a quick breakfast or even a healthy snack or treat. Since oats are not naturally gluten free, it is important that you check the label first to be sure that it is safe for you to consume.

When it comes to oats, the gluten free label is not commonly used. Although it doesn’t contain gluten, it might be contaminated if the oats are processed on equipment that is handling wheat and other gluten-containing grains. If you’re looking for oats that is safe for your gluten free diet, look for ones labelled as uncontaminated, such as this quality uncontaminated GF oats perfect for breakfast, snack, and dessert. Once you have your main ingredient, try out these easy to prepare recipes made from gluten free oats.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are one of the best ways to enjoy a healthy serving of oatmeal. Since it is best served cold, it would feel like you’re just enjoying a creamy yet healthy dessert. Aside from regular oats, you could still make overnight oats using a gluten free alternative. All you need is gluten free oats, plain milk, and toppings of your choice. Fruits are the best topping option for gluten-free overnight oats. You could also top it with peanut butter and jam for a change.

Berry Porridge

Aside from overnight oats, another way to prepare oats is by turning it to a porridge. Unlike overnight oats which aren’t cooked, the porridge is a cooked or heated version of it. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a hearty bowl of oatmeal porridge.

To make a gluten free alternative, all you have to use is gluten free oats and top it with fruits such as berries. You can even add an extra kick by topping it with a little bit of peanut butter and pumpkin seeds. Aside from being a great source of fibre, it is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C from berries plus protein from peanut butter.

Oat Smoothie

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink on a hot summer day, an oat smoothie is a perfect drink to try out. First, choose any fruit of your choice blend it in a food processor with milk and honey. Once the mixture is smooth, gradually add some gluten free oats according to your desired consistency. Not only it is refreshing, it is totally healthy and nourishing as well. You could enjoy this as an early morning drink or as a healthy snack drink in the middle of the day.

Those were only just a few recipes you could try out with gluten free oats. There are still plenty to explore and a lot of options to choose from. You could even experiment and try out your own recipes as long as you use gluten free ingredients.

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