Five Reasons to Try Glass Products in Kitchen

When it comes to choosing new items for your home or cleaning out old items, it is important to know which items to keep and which items to get rid of. For most of you who are environmentally conscious, you know glass is one of the best-recommended materials for home use.

Glass is preferred over plastic due to various benefits, its eco-friendliness being the topmost one of it. Check out below to see some of the other reasons why you should try glass products at your home instead of plastics.

No Fear of Chemicals

One of the biggest ill effects of using plastic for daily use, especially in the kitchen, is that it contains chemicals that can contaminate your food. Plastic is known to contain chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates. These chemicals can affect your health, including your brain, hormone system, reproductive system, and can even lead to cancer at certain times. But this is something you can easily avoid by replacing your plastic food and drink containers with glass.

Safer to be Used in Microwaves

Whether it is because most of us lead busy lives, have delicious leftovers that we do not want to get rid of, or simply want to try a five minutes’microwave recipe, microwaving food has become a common practice in most of our kitchens. Although there are certain types of plastics that are microwave safe, most experts agree that glass is way safer to be used in the microwave. This is because plastic is more likely to leach off chemicals when they are heated.

Save Money

Glass is always more durable than plastics. Sometimes when we are in a rush, we tend to use one-time-use water bottles or cups and tend to throw them away without a second thought. But if this practice continues, you will be spending money on a different water bottle every day. So why not switch over to a reusable glass bottle or switch to glass coffee cups for everyday use? This will not only reduce the amount of plastic waste that is released to the environment but will also save your money.

Less Toxins Released to the Environment

Plastic is harmful to the environment not merely because they add to the waste. It is also because the production of plastic releases toxic gasses as well. And if not disposed of carefully, burnt plastic tend to do the same to the earth’s atmosphere. This is a problem that is easily solved when you substitute plastic with glass products at home.

Good Taste

Storing food in glass containers always tastes better. Due to the porous quality of plastic, most containers tend to hold the taste or the smell of food stored previously. This will take away the freshness of new food that is stored in the same container and the food will start to taste or smell like something else. Since glass is a non-porous material, you will not have to face the same problem. Your food will be both healthier and tastier.

At a time when everyone is concerned about their health, making an effort to pay attention to what you eat and how you prepare or store them is really important. Also, since eco-friendliness is not becoming a huge concern, remember that every small step counts!

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