How to Keep Your Pet Bird Entertained?

If you have a pet bird, you may have noticed that they tend to like being in the same room as you and the family. But when they don’t have many things to distract themselves from, they can disturb your work or start calling continuously causing a bit of a ruckus. And especially in pandemic time, you will be at home for longer periods and you need to coexist with your pet all the while making sure you can work quietly.

If you have a scheduled meeting to attend online, your bird calling or mimicking your voice can be quite disturbing. Birds need a lot of interaction and stimulation. They are smart animals and they can pick up things very easily. So you need to exercise their curiosity and interest in the world by proving them with the right tools. Something you can do to keep them occupied for some time gives your bird a spray bath. They will be engaged in it for quite a while and start preening their feathers so you can go ahead with the conference call. You can also get them interested in bird toys.

If you have parrots, you can try to engage them in activity by making mealtime more of a game or a challenge. When they are busy, they can be very quiet. So instead of providing food on their tray, you can wrap them or cover them with some paper and let them forage for it. They will have a great time foraging for treats or favorite toys. You can hide them in a tray with bits of paper so that they are looking for the treats and feel like they have earned them. You can also start hiding their toys here and there and give them a treat every time they find one.

If your bird is interested in seeing what is happening outdoors, you can give them a better view of the outside. You can keep their cage near the window so that they can watch everything that happens. If they are unfamiliar with being in front of a window, you can keep part of the cage covered so that they have a safe and familiar space to retreat to. Parrots have high energy so you need to let them work it out. It is quite similar to working with children.

You can have an exercise session and coax them to flap their wings or move. You can buy ladders that they can climb up and down which can keep them active and healthy. Getting them energized and doing an activity will tire them out and can settle them into some quiet time. Even some indirect noise or entertainment such as a TV or a radio can help them get distracted by the visuals or radio so that they have something to focus on. It can be music that is on a low volume so that there is a hum of constant activity.

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