How to Prepare for a TEFL Certification Course?

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification course will help you step onto the path of a fulfilling career. If you are planning to enter this course, there are some things you can do to prepare so that you can build a strong foundation in the English language.

First of all, you need to choose the course you want from a number of TEFL certification courses. You need to consider the duration of the course, content in the curriculum, opportunities to practice teaching and accreditation when selecting a course. You should also consider what your interests are and what goals you are hoping to achieve by following this course. When choosing a course provider, you should look for a reputed institution that offers recognised TEFL certifications. For example, if you are planning to go abroad and teach English, look for the certification in the particular countries you are interested in look for when selecting applicants. You can also check he effectiveness of the course by reading the reviews left by others that have participated in the course. If you have any questions, you can make a list and contact the course providers to clarify them.

While you don’t need to be proficient

In the English language to the extent of a native, you still should have a good understanding of the language to start the course. Look into the curriculum to see what is included and brush up on certain aspects. You can brush up on your grammar and vocabulary. You can read books, listen to English news, watch documentaries, films etc. to brush up your pronunciation skills. There are also many online resources that are geared for this such as language apps that help you self-study and books for grammar and vocabulary. By practising your English language skills, you will go into the course with improved confidence and you will also understand some of the challenges faced by non-native English speakers when learning the language. Going through the experience yourself will give you ways to find effective teaching techniques.

You can also look for ways that you can obtain classroom experience

No matter how much you learn the techniques and strategies for learning, it is important to try these out in a real classroom situation and know how to conduct yourself. You will get practical experience as part of this course but to get a little bit more background on this, you can volunteer as a teaching assistant or a tutor. This will give you an idea of classroom dynamics and how the teacher adjusts their lessons according to the requirements of the students. You can also observe experienced teachers to get an idea of how to manage a classroom effectively. Another thing you can do is carry out a bit of research into the TEFL certification course. You can look for different teaching methodologies and familiarise yourself with these so that you have a head start when approaching the course. You can also look into the resources listed for the course by the course provider. Going through these materials will give you more insight.