Tips for Choosing Linen for Your Home

Choosing linen is a special skill but it can be learned by anyone with some practice. There are so many different linens that you will be using around the house so you should have an idea of how to choose quality linen that can last a long time and give more value for your money.

Also, home linen such as bed sheets and towels come into contact with our skin so you have to choose something with a good texture that doesn’t irritate the skin. There are many luxurious linens that you can choose from. Try not to cut costs when it comes to linens by going for cheap sheets and towels that are rough to the touch. This will bring down your quality of life as well.

You can afford to splurge on linens so that you can be comfortable around the house and quality linens will last for a long time as well so you will not need to replace them frequently. The bedroom needs a lot of linens and you have to choose textiles that don’t have a lot of chemicals. There are fabrics that can generate a lot of static electricity such as satin and rayon so it can be uncomfortable to sleep on them. A better option will be natural and organic fabrics.

You can also think about ethics and sustainability when choosing linens. If you are purchasing something that has a high environmental impact and is based on low labour, you are contributing to that toxic cycle. So look for fair trade products that are healthy and organic. There are many things you have to check for when it comes to bed linens such as type of fabric, quality and the guarantees made by the manufacturer.

Some of the natural materials you can look for are cotton, linen and silk. They are resistant to mould as well. Organic dyes are another thing you can look for. These natural materials will keep you warm and comfortable during sleep. If you suffer from allergies, look for tightly woven fabric types that will prevent dust mites.

When it comes to choosing towels, you can look for towels that are made from bamboo, cotton, wool, linen, silk etc. that are natural fibres. Turkish cotton is luxurious to the touch and they are soft bath sheets that are worthy of a spa. But some people prefer lightweight towels. You can look for labels that say 100% Turkish cotton for this.

You have to choose high-quality materials for all the linens that you use around the house. Check the thread count of the linens. When purchasing bed sheets, it is better to go for higher thread counts as this indicates higher quality. But you have to feel the fabric to see whether it is actually comfortable to the touch. When choosing pillowcases, silk is more expensive than satin as it is a natural fibre. But it has an exquisite feel and comes with antibacterial properties.