Tips to Maintain Your Timber Floor

Timber floors are among the best most luxurious options that you could opt for when constructing your house. Why? It’s because the wood itself has many qualities that make it an attractive choice for flooring. Namely, it is durable, it works well with other materials in your house, won’t crash, and the color and grain of the wood is beautiful and unique. Woodworks well for furniture as well, and they usually take the center stage in any room. But of course, for all the glamor and comfort of having a wooden floor, they do require a bit more care than say ceramic or linoleum floor. And in this article, we will be going over a few tips to help you take care of your investment.

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Now let’s discuss how we can take care of the wooden floors in your home. Step No.1- Moisture is bad. Yes, wood has the capacity to absorb water, swell and if really not taken care of, to rot. What you will need to do is to avoid spilling water or any kind of liquid onto the floor. If it does occur, do not worry, the water takes time to get absorbed so what you will need to do is wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth. We emphasize soft cloth because depending on the type of finish that you have applied onto the wood, and the amount of sheer brute force that you apply, the wood may get scratched which is far from the ideal situation.

Another tip would be to recoat the wood as often as once in three months. Why? Because wood has the capacity to last for years if not generations if properly taken care of with the application of proper maintenance practice and ideal, dry surroundings. What you will need to do is to apply a sealer to the surface. Sealer covers the pores in the surface of the wood and not only accentuates the unique grain of the wood, but it also does wonders for the waterproofing qualities of the wood.

Now the next few tips are more about what to avoid rather than what to do. You have likely heard from random colleagues that baking soda and lemon juice are good for cleaning timber floors, but in reality, baking soda is a very strong abrasive, which means it can act like sandpaper for your beautiful wooden floor, ruining its quality and lowering the value of the floor. Do not use this combination to clean your floors because it can certainly ruin the finish on the wood and the wood itself. In addition, you will want to abstain from steaming the surface as the moisture can easily get absorbed into the wood in unsealed places and potentially rot the wood.

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