Tips to Throw A Great Sleepover

Having a sleepover post lockdown? Read on to find how you could make the most time and do as many activities as you could with your girls!

Picking your people

Okay, this can be hard but you’ve got to choose who you want to spend your night with. We suggest choosing your bestie, and someone you can rely on mainly because why spend it with any other anyway!

Picking your venue

Are you going to have this sleepover reunion in your home or your friends’ home or are you going to choose a hotel?

We would suggest a hotel if you can budget that or choose between a home depending on the space your girlies would have to chill.

Picking your clothes

Ladies, let’s be honest- clothing is the main part of the sleepover. It brings in the vibe- you do not want to overdress for your sleepover, you will ruin the mood.

Unless of course you are heading out with your mate during or after dinner, but go with very comfortable and athleisure type clothing always. Comfort over looks during this chill stay!

Picking between Hotel or home

The reason we suggested hotel time is because there’s already so much more to do when you are staying the night at a hotel. This would depend on your location, the hotel franchise you’re staying at but the gist of it is that you want to do as many activities as you could!

If you choose the hotel, you have a pool, sauna, steam to say the least, depending on your upgrades you could play a sport, have your own movie time in the room and can also order whatever you like from all the delivery services out there. It truly sounds great!

If you choose a home, you could still head out for a quick swim, or movie but your time might be a little less. Perhaps you could have a water fight at home, and then watch some chick flicks while ordering delicious handmade doughnuts. They are less messy, fun and quick to eat!

Picking games online or board games

Now the current norm is that everything is available online, yes, it’s easy but sometimes takes the fun out of things. It depends on where you girls are at during your time, but we suggest a game of some sort.

You could try knowledge quizzes, which is also good for your brain stimulation and compensates for the sacrifice you made to have some fun time, or you could just play a board game like monopoly whilst eating – because at least you are making the most out of your chill time!

Picking your quiet time

As much as you want to be present with your girly, we also suggest that you take a little time during the night even if it’s just a hot shower to yourself so that you have time to gather your thoughts during your sleepover!

We would encourage having 5-15 minutes or more if you have the freedom to do so during your sleepover for yourself. This is very relaxing, destressing and helps calms nerves, and isn’t that what you want to achieve out of your sleepover. Eat well and have a great time girls!

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