Type of Jackets for Women

Jackets can be paired with so many different outfits. They make a unique fashion statement and they can make you look elegant. While jackets can keep you warm in colder months, they can be used as a fashion accessory as well depending on how you wear it and how you style it. This is truly a wardrobe essential.

People tend to avoid repeating outfits especially close together in duration. But you can give a completely different spin to the same outfit by putting a jacket over it. You can also wear different jackets with the same outfit and give it a different look every time. This is a great way of recycling your outfits and looking great in anything you wear. There are also so many colors and patterns for jackets.

If you prefer neutrals, you can find some great black and white patterned jackets in the Joseph Ribkoff collection. There are also so many types of jackets. You can experiment with different styles to see which you like best. A popular type of jacket is the bomber jacket which has been around for a long time but still stays relevant to current trends. This is an essential for streetwear as you can wear a bomber jacket with ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt and still maintain an effortlessly cool look.

Leather jackets are a wardrobe essential. These can give an edgy look to your outfit and elevate a casual outfit. There are so many ways to style a leather jacket. You can wear it over patterns, solid colors and different fabrics. You can pair the leather jacket with some boots to reinforce the edgy look. The denim jacket is another wardrobe essential much like the leather jacket.

Denim has been used for so many clothing items. You can wear a denim jacket over plain or printed dresses, simple t-shirts and crop tops etc. It is a truly versatile fabric and you will be able to wear it with different types of clothing. However, denim jackets are more on the casual side of outfits. The beauty of denim is that it is very durable and even after a long time you can wear it without it looking out of place. And distressed denim has its own style and following so it will always stay trendy.

Quilted jackets are known for the pattern that is stitched on it. And this is generally worn for warmth. You can find so many different colors for quilted jackets and they are great for nipping outdoors on a chilly day.

Hoodie jackets are great for casual outfits. You can wear this when going to a sporting event or wear it on a walk around the town in the evening. These are comfortable and you can wear it with leggings and T-shirts. The puffer jacket is lightweight and you can find it in varying lengths. Some can come to the knees while others will stop at the waist. These are great for weathering winter chills.