What to Pack for a Boating Holiday?

A boating vacation is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Once you have planned your vacation and got your boa ready, the next step is to pack your essentials. This is going to be unlike any other vacation. It would require you to pack some different items or at least accommodate your everyday things to suit an adventure along a waterway. To find out what you really need, keep reading.


When you are packing your clothes make sure to have a few options to suit different weather conditions. You never know when the weather will vary. This also means listening to the weather forecast and find out what kind of natural elements you need to prepare yourself for. Some of the most haves in your bag are a waterproof jacket, shoes with rubber soles, and warm clothes that can keep away the chills.

It is also better to be prepared with a few extra clothes. Don’t just carry only one pair of jeans to wear with all your shirts. Instead, have at least two. This will make sure you have a spare if one of them gets soaked.


The item that must be there in your bag of toiletries is sunscreen. Having some extra sun protection such as a large hat that can cover or sunglasses is also a good choice. Most of your vacation will be outside directly under the sun so it is never too much to be prepared. Carry an insect repellent with you so you can protect yourself from bugs.

Personal Entertainment

Boating vacations happen due to various reasons. If your plan is to just enjoy the ride and the sights, then you will not need much.  But to have some binoculars and/ or a camera at hand will help you enjoy nature in much closer proximity. You can take some board games, playing cards, books or DVDs to enjoy at night when you are not sightseeing.  Evenings and nights can get boring without any activity so make use of this to do some fun games or bond with others on the trip.

For a trip that will also entail fishing, you need fishing equipment too. If you are new to fishing, take a trip to a boating accessories store and grab your fishing kit.

Other Essentials

Finally, something you should not forget is a first aid kit. If there is anyone in your group who tends to get motion sickness then it is better to be prepared with medication such as pills or patches.

Other equipment you might need include adapters for charging your phone or other electronics, a torch, and some snacks and food to enjoy. If you are bringing your dog, then don’t forget to pack pet food, toys, puppy pads, soft toys, and a leash just in case.

Most of your trip is going to be in the middle of the sea or another water body. This means you cannot run to a store when you forget something important. So don’t forget to pack these items before you leave home.

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