Why Choose Reusable Bags for Food?

Most of us carry food in plastic bags or the plastic cling wrap that we get from the local shop. And this can create a big problem when everyone is using plastic and disposing of it. You are going to work all weekdays and when you combine the number of people who use these disposable bags for a year, it will add up to a great amount. So how do we attempt to solve this issue? One alternative is to use reusable bags for food.

There is a cost involved when you wrap your homemade sandwich in a plastic bag. You will throw this away which means that you have to keep purchasing these. While the cost is small, over time it can add up to a big amount. So switching to reusable food bags is an economical decision as well. That is the reason for the popularisation of many Ziploc bags which can be used for a long time. Also, it is much easier to seal and you can carry a large variety of items in addition to food inside it. We use plastic bags to keep food in the fridge as well.

But this can actually affect the quality of the food and you will end up with food that goes bad a lot faster. This happens because while plastic can keep oxygen out, the food inside needs to breathe. So if you store leafy greens in a plastic bag, they will wilt a lot faster and become unusable. A reusable breathable bag is just perfect for leafy greens to retain their structure and flavour for a long time. This will save you money as you will not be throwing out food before their date.

Breathable reusable bags are great for keeping bread fresh as well. You can get rid of single use plastic bags and make the switch so that you can use the bag several times without having to pay more for it. Glass jars like mason jars are a good option for reusable storage as well. But they are a lot heavier and not very portable because of this. You can use reusable bags for food as they are a more lightweight option.

You can keep some reusable bags in your car that can be used for grocery shopping. Re-sealable bags are great for families with children. There are coated bags or wraps that will stick to the food so that your little one can easily open it and access the snacks inside.

You can also keep a snack in a re-sealable bag when you are travelling. It is not just snacks that you can carry in these bags. You can store small toys and crayons to make it easy for you to provide some creative entertainment for your children the next time you shop or go into a restaurant. Even when you are taking your reusable bags for the office, it is not just snacks that you can use. Excluding liquid items, you can carry any type or size of food as these bags come in different sizes and your food item will stay fresh throughout the commute.

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